Fiore Alura Bento Head

So i had the honor of reviewing the brand new Fiore Alura bento mesh head also released are two brand new skins along with a new *UPDATE* for the head which I’m showcasing above to the left is Lesha in tone 40 and to the right is Zandra in tone 35 below i will post all the head’s info hope you divas enjoy ❤

* Alura Details *


* Price 4100L$

* 2 versions. One for the Omega Compatible hairbase and one for the original Fiore hairbase. Both versions include Omega compatible eyes.

* Materials/SkinShine

* Eyelocking on/off (this is so your eyes aren’t all crazy like. They will lock into a front position. I am working on a full animated eye feature however it wont be available until the first update)

* Tinting HUD (you can tint each of the 3 tattoo layers included with your head. Tintable parts include : Eyemakeup, Hairbase, Lipstick, Eyebrows & Lashes)

* Alura Bento Shape & Brow Shape

* Blend/Mask Lashes (unfortunately the alpha glitch for makeup is still present 😦 you will need to mask your lashes for eyemakeup & eyebrows to work properly or remove them)

* 3 Tattoo Layers (since the alpha glitch is still present, layers 2 and 3 are unstable. We recommend using these with caution as most other residents may not be able to see whats on these layers. Sometimes clicking your head will make them visable, but its not a sure fix.)

* New & Improved hairbases

* New eyes

* 8 Upper Lashes, 4 Lower Lashes

* 30 Basic Non-Looped facial animations (an advanced facial AO is in the works 🙂 Keep in mind it will be sold separately)

* 3 Blink Speeds (Single long blink, original fast blink, double blink)

* Talk w/ Mic, can be turned on & off (you must wear a voice level gesture for this to work, one is included)


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