The Process Of Being A Diva


Fun new post showcasing the steps that we divas take to get all dolled up and get on fleek lol new Indented gacha items to have fun with and add to your decor or for fun pictures and also new hair from Iconic i hope you divas enjoy 🙂

The Look
[FACE MASK]-Indented: Fleek Essentials l Facial Mask@ Omgacha!
[EYE WEAR]-Indented: Fleek Essentials l Cucumber@ Omgacha!
[HAIR WRAP]-Indented: Fleek Essentials l Hair.Towel@ Omgacha!
[ROBE]-Indented: Meagan.Robe@ Omgacha!
[BRA]-Indented: Kayla l Bra.@ Omgacha!
[HAIR]-ICONIC:RUSSINA-HAIR@Mesh Body Addicts Event


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