A Vogue Idea


Featuring items from 1992 inspired by one of my favorite movies The Devil Wears Prada which can all be found at the arcade and also a new necklace from Foil which will be reopening with all new hotness on the Sept 6th hope you divas enjoy 🙂

What I’m Wearing
[GLASSES]-1992 // The Glasses@TheArcade
[BOOK]-1992 // The Book (White) RARE@TheArcade
[NECKLACE]-Foil-24-Karat Gold Leaf Necklace*Soon*
[TOP]-OVH.Addison Crop
[SKIRT]-OVH.Cristina Skirt
[HEELS]-OVH.Suede Sandal
[HAIR]-(Chemistry) Hair – Lydia v2

Decor Items
[DESK]-1992 // Editor Desk (Gold)@TheArcade
[CHAIR 1]-1992 // Executive Chair (Brown/Gold)@TheArcade
[CHAIR 2]-1992 // Assistant Chair (Brown/Gold)@TheArcade
[FLOWERS]-1992 // Vase of Roses (Yellow)@TheArcade
[MAT]-1992 // Desk Mat (Closed Book- Black)@TheArcade
[RUG]-The Loft – Geomertric Rug
[PLANT]-Apple Fall Banana Tree


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