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So i was recently contacted by Rowne to do a review on their new mesh head Dani.This is now their second release of a public head and i was honored and excited to review it and share my honest opinion with my followers.Anyone who knows me knows that i’m pretty much glued into my mesh project head so i had a hard time removing it until i tried on Dani and instantly fell in love. I did notice some neck blending and fitting issues but after some adjusting and playing around with the hud it fits, not only default bodies but also mesh bodies.I can honestly say i have no cons other then the neck blending, the huds for makeup,hairbases ect are very user friendly and easy to work i hope you divas have enjoyed my review and make sure you go and grab the demo and see if Dani is your new look! Below are more specific details on everything you need to know 🙂

Landmark to ROWNE

♦Dani will be available for purchase this Sat, Aug 1
♦ There are 2 new features:
– Ability to close yes
– 2 new emotes
♦Additional makeups are available for purchase, with one freebie located at our mainstore

♦ROWNE MODE heads:

– Are NOT applier base
– Are rigged mesh therefore NOT re-sizable
– Allow for limited adjustment via head size shape slider
– Will work with the SL Default Body
– Are compatible with Maitreya Mesh Body (Lara)
– Are made to match with Vive Nine Fiore 2015 skin


– Dani Meijer Mesh Head
– Head alpha
– Beauty Book Hud which includes:
– 14 Lipsticks, 7 Blushes, 12 Eyeshadows and 4 Eyeliners
– 11 Eye Colors
– 6 Eye Lashes
– 11 Eye Colors
– 6 Eye Lashes w. resize option (via sticky note)
– 8 Emotes
– Beauty Marks
– Hairbases to coordinate with Rowne Hair

– Modifications Hud which includes:
– Blink/No Blink option
– Ears On/Off option
– Neck blend option**
– Neck sizing

**If you would like to try matching mesh head with older skins from Vive9 or any other designer, we suggest utilizing the neck blend option found in the modifications HUD.

♦Choose your Maitreya Lara Body neck size based on your body fat see guide, see below:

Neck Size Guide:

– XXS : Body Fat: 0
– XS : Body Fat: 5
– S : Body Fat: 7
– M : Body Fat: 11
– L : Body Fat: 24


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