Let Me Know


Featuring more items from the Cool & Vintge fair and some items from the dressing room hope you divas enjoy 🙂

Left Look
[NECKLACE]-[ glow ] studio – Reshaping necklace@TheDressingRoom
[EARRINGS]-^^Swallow^^ Skully Earring@TheDressingRoom
[SHOES]-Eudora 3D Vintage Wedges@VintageFair
[DRESS]-KITJA CHERIE – Vintage Dress@VintageFair
[BAG]-Pink Acid Transparent Shoulder School Bag@ChapterFour
[HAIR]-Exile::Hearts Don’t Breakeven

Right Look
[SHORTS]–9TY- sONG Away Short@VintageFair
[TOP]–9TY- sONG Away Sweater with Collar@VintageFair
[GLASSES]-AtiK : Mesh Retro Glasses@VintageFair
[BOOTS]-fri. – Wendy.Boots@Coll88
[HAIR]-MOON // Hair // Thimble@ChapterFour
[DOG]-.Birdy. Boston Buddy – Cuddle


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