Break Free


Featuring items from a bunch of different events taking place right now hope you divas enjoy 🙂

Left Look
[PANTS]-(h.o.b) – Genie Pants @TheShowroom
[TANK]-The Satin Tank by E.A.W.@TheShowroom
[SHOES]-[7891.] Futura – Metallic Gold@TheShowroom
[SWEATER]-ISON – divine bolero@Coll88
[CLUTCH]-1992 // Spiked Clutch (Colbalt)@LaMetalliqueFair
[NECKLACE]-=Zenith=Rattan Neckbag@Kustom9
[HAIR]-.: vive nine :. Poland Highlander Bun
[LIPSTICK]-New Faces-Magda lips 05

Right Look
[HAIR]-*Soonsiki! Spin the bottle@Kustom9
[EARRINGS]-.LVL93. Horn Motif Earrings@Kustom9
[SHOES]-::DirtyMind:: Atlantis Plat Boots (W/ Socks@Kustom9
[DRESS]-Rebel Gal :: Scarf Print Tunic@Kustom9
[BAG]-::LC:: Glam Briefcase@GachaMania
[GLASSES]-The Department – Vybn Shades*NEW*


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