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Decided to do a blog collaboration with a good friend of mine he has very nice style for the men make sure you guys check out his blog for the latest in menswear and i hope my divas enjoy this post 🙂
On Me
[JERSEY]-Paperbag. Jersey Girl Rich@BlackFair
[BOW]-Paperbag. Head Wrap Bow Bandana@BlackFair
[HAIR]-+Spellbound+ NachoBitch*NEW*
[HEELS]-[whatever] Gallium – Black
[GLASSES]-* S O R G O – Billionaire Black Sunglasses

On Akron
hat – !Grandeur! Shooters Black
Shirt – [ 2byte ] boxy t-shirts 04@TMD
Chain – [DossiEr] NeckLace Versace Inspired Lion
Facial Hair – Unorthodox Arab Beard w stashe
Earrings – -LUX- Big Stud Earrings@LOS
Pants – Bueno-Lexicon Denim Jeans BLkWRN@TMD
Shoes – SHOEMINATI – 11s

Akrons blog link-http://theakstyle.wordpress.com/


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