Oh My Goddess

Oh My Goddess

Featuring new luggage swimwear and a few items from we love roleplay hope you divas enjoy 🙂

Left Look
[HEAD PIECE]-.random.Matter. – Deucalion Halo@WeLoveRp
[HAIR]-~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair@TheArcade
[OUTFIT]-Luggage. Jasmine Bikini Dress Clear*NEW*
[HEELS]-ieQED chacha.sandal.sand

Right Look
[FACECHAIN]-:(SH): Facechain Classico – Wace@WeLoveRp
[HAIR]-*Milk* Hair~Bang! Bang!@WeLoveRp
[BIKINI]-.Luggage. Persian Bikini Blue*NEW*
[EARRINGS]-[LX] Circled Spiked Hoop Gold*NEW*
[HEELS]-::LC:: Geo Platform Aqua Tropical


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