Fuck It I’m On One

Fuck It I'm On One

Left Look
[NECKLACE]-Renegade. Triple Command Necklace@Kustom9
[BAG]-[F]oil- Chic Martini Bag@SpringBreakFair
[TOP]-1992 // Stam Crop Top (Contrast
[HEELS]-1992 // Briant Pumps (Color Block 03)
[SHORTS]-. So-Hai . Dee Shorts Dark Blue
[HAIR]-. Liquence . – F7 in Natural Fades /Hat/

Right Look
[GLASSES]-(Yummy) CatEye Rose Shades @Coll88
[HEELS]-.Renegade. Acier Plaque Platform Sandals.@Kustom9
[HAT]-::DirtyMind:: Leather Kufi Hat@Kustom9
[EARRINGS]-::DirtyMind:: Shellene Door Knocker Earrings@Kustom9
[CLUTCH]-[F]oil- Chic Gem Embellished Coin Purse@SpringBreakFair
[TOP]-ILLMATIC :: On One Sweatshirt – Pussycat
[JEANS]-Villagers. Distressed Jeans [Dark]
[HAIR]-. Liquence . – F6 in Natural Fades


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