I love To Get 2 On

I love To Get 2 On

Featuring Lethals new geo platforms which will be at soho markets new round monday and new so-hai jeans and top coming soon!

Left Look
[SHOES]-*CASHMERE*HeartofGlass Platform@Chapter4
[LEGGINGS]-B18 / Dollar Bill Leggings
[TOP]-Luggage-Hate u2 Jersey
[HAIR]-[LeLutka]-SCARLET hair
[SNAPBACK]-[FL] “Queens” Snapback

Right Look
[JEANS]-. So-Hai . Ripped Jeans Light Blue*ComingSoon*
[TOP]-. So-Hai . Double Cross White*ComingSoon*
[SHOES]-::LC:: Geo Platform Yellow*Soon@SohoMarket*
[BAG]-::LC:: Lil’ Bunny Bag -yellow
[BRACELET]-::LC:: Rolex Bracelet
[HAIR]-Moon{Hair}. Sinner@Coll88
[TIED SHIRT]-novacane :: red plaid tied sweater


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