Money On My Mind

Money On My Mind

Been in blog heaven lately with every event and fair starting up here are some items from the whore couture and arcade more to come hope you divas enjoy 🙂

Left Look
[JACKET]-Paperbag. Coco Silk Robe@WhoreCouture
[HEELS]-Kenvie -The Lookies@WhoreCouture
[EARRINGS]-::DirtyMind:: Vintage Rope Door Knockers – Gold@WhoreCouture
[SHORTS]-::LC:: The Rapture Short [Gold]
[MONEY]-* S O R G O – Euros Stack 100e@TheArcade
[LIPSTICK]-.: fiore :. Latte Lips – #012 in SPF30 – 40
[HAIR]-Shermie Black // GM Hairstyles
[GLASSES]-P.C; Black Cat Eye Frames

Right Look
[TOP]-::DirtyMind:: Sheer Silk Tank@WhoreCouture
[PANTIES]-::DirtyMind:: Netted Panties + Garter@WhoreCouture
[HEELS]-::DirtyMind:: Stella Geometric Platform Sandals (Red)@WhoreCouture
[NECKLACE]-::DirtyMind:: Syrus Necklace – RoseGold@Kustom9
[TURBAN]-LaGyo_Miranda turban Red@TheArcade


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