Will You Be Mine Or Nah?

Will You Be Mine Or Nah?

Decided to do my valentines day post a little sooner to give my divas some ideas for sexy looks to put on for your other half featuring some items from this rounds fi*fridays hope you all have a great v-day with your loved one! ❤

Left Look
[SHOES]-*Reign.- Alee Wedge- Crimson@ThriftShop
[BRACELET]-.ARISE. Cuff Bracelet / Gold@Fi*Fridays
[LEG TATTOO]-Your cocain :: Lotus@Fi*Fridays
[HAND TATTOO]-Your cocain :: Mehndi@Fi*Fridays
[STOLE]-::LC:: Eternity Minx Stole [Crimson]@Kustom9
[HAMSTER]-.Birdy. Love Hamster {Valentines} VIP gift
[BODYSUIT]-::LC:: Mother Mary Bodysuit Pure
[HAIR]-Exile::Quiet Afterthought

[CANDLES]- .[ pose+ivity ]. With Love Candles@WithLove

Right Look
[HEADBAND]-.[ pose+ivity ]. Xo Headband Red@Kustom9
[NECKLACE]-[F]oil- Dipping Hello Kitty Necklace@Fi*Fridays
[BODYSUIT]-AVISAGE – Body Suit Lace Red@Fi*Fridays
[HEELS]-N-core DONNA "Red"@Fameshed
[LEG TATTOO]-HIATUS – Time@Fi*Fridays
[HAIR]-Exile::Baby I'll Rule


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