Push It To The Limit

Push It To The Limit

I never really do sexy posts but i loved this bra and pantie set from soho market this round and to add a touch of class this fur stole from fishy and also featuring nikotins new ladies holder cigarette hope you divas enjoy!
I’m wearing
[FUR]-*Fishy Strawberry* Faux Fur Stole – Dove Grey
[BRA]-IAF Cross Boob Tube (White)@SOHO MARKET
[PANTIES]-IAF Cash Thong with heart Tattoo White@SOHO MARKET
[HAIR]-.:EMO-tions:. * LEGEND( no roots)*/ black
[NECKLACE]-[7891.] Frida Necklace – Rose Gold
[BRACELET]-[7891.] Via Bracelet – Silver
[HEELS]-[Co57] PiaMia Peeptoe Nude
[CIGG]-[NikotiN] HOLDER_ Premium


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