Battle Of The Sexes

Battle Of The Sexes

Decided to do a male and female friendly post featuring illmatics male black friday collection and also items from sl fashion week enjoy 🙂

Male Look
[PANTS]-ILLMATIC XY :: Cotton Varsity Sweats – Snake Skin
[TOP]-ILLMATIC XY :: Been Trill Hooded Tee – Noir
[SNAPBACK]-::LC:: Label Whore Snapback [Noir]
[CHAIN]-Vexiin Jesus Piece (short)
[SNEAKERS]-FL – Nike 180 Mid -Phoenix
[NOSE CHAIN]-Tentacio-chain nose simple gold@SLFW

Female Look
[TIED SHIRT]-ILLMATIC :: Oversized Waist Shirt@Kustom9
[PANTS]-::LC:: Boyfriend Cuffed Jean [Tan]@SLFW
[TOP]-[LDP] Beatrice Tank@SLFW
[BOOTS]-sixboi’s Brown/Half Queen Ankle Boots@SLFW
[HAIR]-AD– smitten chili
[NECKLACE]-{*I <3FashiOn*} Cross Necklace/Gold


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