On My Worst Behavior

On My Worst Behavior

Featuring items from sl fashion week and new villena sweatshirts

Left Look
[SHOES]-Pink Acid Clonkers Platform-Dalmation@SLFW
[EARRINGS]-[7891.] YingYang@SLFW
[PANTS]-Paperbag. Must Have Color Jeans Mint
[TOP]-Paperbag. Cut Off Tee Tom Boy Wht
[HAIR]-.:{Rumina}:. Ciara
[BELT]-*BOOM* Lynx- Skinny Belt

Right Look
[BOOTS]– { tP } . HBIC Wheat Socks@SLFW
[HAT]-Beusy: BLK Vyper Snapback@SLFW
[TOP]-.:villena:. – Sweatshirt GoldPrint
[GLASSES]-[Benjaminz] Holland Shades – Gold & Black
[SHORTS]-ILLMATIC :: Denim Hot Shorts – Deep Blue
[EARRINGS]-ILLMATIC :: Metallic Ear Plug – Gold w/ Black


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