Illmatic At Singer Icon Fair 2013

Illmatic At Singer Icon Fair 2013

Starting the singer Icon fair off with illmatics collection from hair to clothes to bandannas and bangles also female poses make sure you check them out 11/11/13

Left Look
[LEGGINGS]-ILLMATIC :: Kala Print Leggings – Crimson*SIF*
[HAIR]-ILLMATIC :: Live Fast Die Young – Pussycat*SIF*
[BANGLE]-ILLMATIC :: Spring Street Assorted Bangles *SIF*
[BANDANNA]-ILLMATIC :: Twill Doberman Bandana *SIF*
[HAT]-ILLMATIC :: Meow Leather Snapback – Noir
[TOP]-illmatic :: Tellum Tank Dress – Black
[HEELS]–FAUN- Olyvia Faux Leather Heel -Blood

Middle Look

[TOP]-ILLMATIC :: Leopard Print Oversized Tee – Monochrome*SIF*
[HAIR]-ILLMATIC :: Live Fast Die Young – Hilton*SIF*
[PANTS]-ILLMATIC :: Metallic Hipster Leggings – Silver
[CHAIN]-ILLMATIC :: Double Figaro Necklace
[WATCH]-ILLMATIC :: Essential Kors Watch – Rosegold
[SNEAKERS]-..S..: GLC Original’s – Chromes
[BEANIE]-theHYPE . – *TRILL* Cheetah ; Beanie*coming soon*

Right Look

[DRESS]-ILLMATIC :: Donatello Safari Dress – Tropical*SIF*
[HAIR]-ILLMATIC :: Live Fast Die Young – Mermaid*SIF*
[BANGLE]-ILLMATIC :: Spring Street Assorted Bangles*SIF*
[HEELS]–FAUN- Olyvia Faux Leather Heel -Viva
[GLASSES]-[MAGIC NOOK] Golden Life Sunglasses


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