Novacane Avenue Fashion Week

Novacane Avenue Fashion Week

Left Look
[DRESS]-[NV] Balix Spilt Maxi Skirt (Pink)@AVE Fashion
[JACKET]-[NV] Moto Leather Jacket@AVE Fashion
[GLASSES]-XVII- Cartier Mamaison Palisander@The Limitee
[HAIR]-K A R R U E C H E Updo/Bun [jet black]
[BOOTS]-::LC:: Gogo Boot [noir]

Middle Look
[TOP]-[NV] Frill Blouse XS (Gold)@AVE Fashion
[SKIRT]-[NV] Jax Fishnet Mini Waist (Blue)@AVE Fashion
[CLUTCH]–FAUN- The Vice Grip Bag -Emerald@The Limitee
[HEELS]-::HH:: Hucci Jesolo Sandals – Emerald
[NECKLACE]-{SYL} Polly Jewel Necklace – Emerald/Gold

RIght Look
[TOP]-[NV] V- Neck Plain Jersey (Black Leather)@AVE Fashion
[SKIRT]-[NV] Plastic High Waist Skirt (Green) @AVE Fashion
[HAT]-illmatic :: The CUNT Hat – Black w/ Gold
[BOOTS]-[ h ] Patagonia – Women – Wheat
[HAIR]-. Liquence . – F3/shaved/ in Natural Fades
[NECKLACE]-[7891.] Trust No Bitch – Black&Gold


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